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WikiJournal individual cluster Wikipedia-integrated • general public peer compare • Libre access that is open

WikiJournal consumer cluster is really a publishing number of open-access, free-to-publish, Wikipedia-integrated journals that are academic.


This really is a number of point design design design templates to behave when helpful information for methods to reach followup and contact using possible writers to peer reviewers.

They are recommendations exclusively, and also information should always be tailored towards receiver wherein available. As an example, non-Wikipedians will be needing that the readership shape concerning Wikipedia emphasised, particularly for the subject talked about ( e.g. Thru pageview stats).

Email messages in order to writers modify

Content distribution invite modify

Your WikiJournal owner team actually Wikipedia-integrated journal that is academic. Additionally, it is open-access without any book fees of any sort. That it partners your rigour of scholastic peer compare using the reach that is extreme of encyclopedia. Therefore exceptional exceptional method to obtain people engagement, outreach to effect people learning significant subjects (articles always take 100,000 vista each year).

Peer-reviewed content is dual-published both of the like ordinary PDFs that are academic plus into Wikipedia. It enhances the precision of this encyclopedia, then benefits academics alongside citable, indexed magazines. In addition offers far better achieve versus is usually realized with conventional publishing that is scholarly.

We might for that reason want to payment you to definitely make an evaluation on TOPIC. Your subject is actually currrently missing through the encyclopedia / reveperled in your ‘stub’ post within the encyclopedia / covered into the encyclopedia however in require concerning a update/overhaul.

You may possibly either create one concentrated writeup on 400-800 terms, that will be integrated in to the foremost review, or perhaps you might prepare a Encyclopedic summary of 2000-5000 phrase which is published as the possess web page.

In the event that you is enthusiastic about this particular, be sure to response within fourteen days. You may possibly put on your submission that is own deadline and after that the job is certainly going by using people peer compare. Us know and we may be able to accommodate you if you would prefer to write on a different topic, please let.

People look ahead to the response,

Extra information in regards to the log can be locined at:

Content distribution invite (wikipedia web web page) modify

I decided to e-mail we concerning the concept of putting your TOPIC web page ththet you’re a leading contributowardsr towards by using outside, scholastic peer compare towards book when you look at the WikiJournal owner team. For the current Wikipedia articles, it could be a way that is great buy alternative feedback at exterior specialist. Peer-reviewed Encyclopedic compare content is dual-published simultaneously when accepted PDFs that are academic in addition to into Wikipedia. Our enhances the precision regarding the encyclopedia, then benefits writers alongside citable, indexed magazines.

Because you put togethatr their webpage to Wikipedia, it may be presented towards the log (at just small formatting edits) similarly towards highlighted document nomination only at that web page.

You could put their submission that is own deadline thatreafter the task is certainly going by using general public peer compare. In the event that you would rather to publish for a separate subject (either solamente, or perhaps and a team to coauthors), be sure to inform us and we also could possibly take care of a person.

Once you distribute this article, you may possibly suggest as much as six best suited peer reviewers, then exclude as much as six reviewers. People try to assure peer compare inside 30 days anytime likely.

Review distribution verification modify

Many thanks for the reaction. When you’re prepared, people inspire post drafting and also distribution thru your pre-print webserver, since this one will make following formatting as well as typesetting easier. You may incorporate any, some or none of the existing images on Wikipedia, and the same is true of any text if you choose.

You may recommend up to 6 suitable peer reviewers, and exclude up to 6 reviewers when you submit the article. People try to assure peer compare in 4-8 days whenever possible.

In the event that document try published, we’re going to and then allow you to feature best suited product inside Wikipedia.

People enjoy on your distribution,

More info in regards to the log are found at:

Compare coordinator introduction modify

Sample e-mail towards peer compare coordinators once 1st launching by themselves towards writers:

I’m SENDER NAME, i’m that Editorial Board person in WikiJournal individual cluster that will lead to control your Peer post on on your distribution.

We attempt to result in the peer compare undertaking when clear then ideal for the authors as you possibly can (present instance).

As being a 1st step up your peer compare plan, the distribution is going to be verified with that maneuvering editor program (myself) and perhaps different Editorial Board people. This permits united states inside unify that documents we submit when it comes to type, fix minor spelling plus sentence structure dilemmas an such like. Including let an extensive very first evaluation as soon as you can into the compare undertaking. From then on, people can submit each manuscript away to exterior peer compare. Their concluding decision towards book lays because of the editor in chief in main as well as the other countries in the Editorial Board.

At this time, be sure to verify that you can find any kind of first editorial comments inside deal with right right here: LINK inside PEER COMPARE PAGE. If that’s the case, give the reaction or even create adjustment towards distribution since excellent. Otherwise peer reviewers are increasingly being contacted and now we does tell you while they get back his or her responses.

Many thanks for the finding WikiJournal consumer cluster. I am hoping one worth your peer compare undertaking, to be sure to never think twice to get a hold of me personally in case you have any other beyond commentary otherwise concerns.

More info in regards to the log are present at:

Reviewer reviews conclude modify

Your peer reviewers have finally presented his or her reviews on the submitted content. You can observe his or her guidelines right here:


Please improve the content then mthe bestke an answer with their reviews (that you simply might publish straight during the compare web web web page, or even e-mail towards united states).

People enjoy watching on your reactions,

Extra information in regards to the log is found at:

Content accepted for the book modify

Our company is happy to notify you your manuscript is accepted to book when you look at the WikiJournal owner cluster.

It was assigned that DOI DOI number, that will be associated when you look at the coming days, and contains become put into that log’s biggest web web page.

The ultimate 3 procedures are definitely:

Write to us if you should be pleased to help out with any of these, otherwise log editors can play all in weeks that are coming. That we do not accidentally duplicate the work if you would like to do so, please reply to this email so.

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